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Service We Offer

  • Bridal Make Up / Hair Styling

  • Bridesmaid Make Up / Hair Styling

  • Groom Make Up / Hair Styling

  • Pre Wedding Make Up / Hair Style

  • Make Up Lessons

  • Party and Prom Make Up / Hair Styling

  • Boudoir Photography Make Up / Hair Styling

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Why Hire YS Professional Make Up Artist ?

 Our Make Up Artist ensures your makeup is photo appropriate


The first thing to do is to have pictures of the makeup looks that you think is beautiful to you. This will not only help our artist to have an idea on what style you are looking on but also makes it easier for you to find that perfect look.


Make sure that you wear white top even if you are not wearing white on your wedding day. White is great in helping you see your makeup in its truest form. Without the other colors that reflect on your makeup, it will help you make a sound decision.


We will take a photo of your makeup during your trial. Keep in mind that makeup has different registration on camera. Doing a test photo helps in ensuring that what you are seeing in the mirror is what will register on the photos. It is also great to take a picture in the natural light.


Our make up artist will be wary of any skin allergies or sensitivities that you might have. If you have any latex allergies, have dry or oily skin or you wear contacts and has oily lids. This is the time to let our artist know about it.

We ensure your makeup palette is matched – all makeup artists study the art of their craft. The proper selection of colors is part of their DNA as we live and breathe it. Our make up artist will know how to match the unique character and features of your face.


YS make up uses only the high quality, professional grade products – our team of professional makeup artists endure years of professional training to keep updated on the trends and latest techniques to ensure that they provide fantastic service. Our makeup artist is usually stocked with high-quality products that are designed for its ability to last long and its flexibility. These products are highly tested and used professionally with a sophistication that only practiced and trained makeup artist can do.


Our team will give you tips and makeup tricks to make your look amazing – it is not that you are not already stunning, professional makeup artist emphasizes your best facial features while hiding other less flattering ones by applying makeup. Our professional makeup artist has a lot of makeup tricks that is under our sleeves. Hiring one will bless you with tips that you can use for your everyday makeup efforts. YS artist provides you with proper makeup application – Our team of make up artist is dedicated to giving you the best service to bring out the best beauty of you.

toronto make up artist

I started ys make up 4 years ago.

The idea started from the stress of being a mom while bringing up a daughter began to show signs on my skin and out look.

I started learning make up and new hairstyle techniques to mask the tiredness of my outlooks.

Now after more than 200 weddings,

I am proud to say that me and my personally recruited team of talented artist has perfected the way to mask any flaw and bring out the beauty in you.

Whether you’re running on no sleep to your wedding day,

we offer flawless make up and hairstyling for you and your party.

We believe in brining out the natural beauty of yours.

Feel free to ask our team of experts on how to make your skin flawless coming up to your wedding day or event.

Look forward to bringing out a new beauty with you. Simply because we’d love to.

toronto make up artist